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    Websites and apps that build brands

    2015 · Responsive Web Design · Web Applications
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    Creative technology for business


Responsive websites

Appropriate display and functionality of web site projects on actual and newer versions of browsers as well as mobile devices with access to the Internet.

Cutting edge technology

Exploit the latest global trends and technology, creating easily manageable code, by utilization of: Ruby on Rails, ECMAScript 6, SMACSS and Sass language.

User experience

Develop a positive image through professional graphic design and identification with the users, through clear communication, interaction and efficient functioning services.

SEO optimization

Basis for effective website positioning affecting the visibility of a website or a web page in a search engine's through proper optimization of content, code and graphics.

Authorial CMS

Our content management system (CMS) is individually adapted to the project in a way that ensures each client a simple and enjoyable management of the website content.

Technical support

Domain purchase, selection and installation web sites on a server, web page management, pledges of free assistance for customers after the project realization.

About us

In our mind, each business can be global, that's why we are constantly looking for the latest trends and technologies, test them, develop and convert into functional web tools.

Based on Web Standards aspects (W3C), we're creating and offering professional web applications and responsive web pages, with automatically display adjustment to various device screen size, with consistent functionality retain.

Having in mind Internet User Experience we developed an authorial content management system (CMS). Its advantage is not only the simplicity of use, but at the same time individual customization for each project, which allow us to make it unique.

Our works

Creating products and services that power up business

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    • "Beskidy" Training Centre - Website
    • Website designed and developed at the request of the Specialist Training Center "Beskidy". The resort organizes training on public procurement law,...
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    • Photo-Video Web Project
    • Photography and video filming for all who appreciate high quality of service!
  • Big thumb tomar24 web
    • TOMAR Company - One Page Project
    • The company offers brands tires for different types of vehicles – starting from motorcycles finishing at the build equipment machines. TOMAR also ...
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Let us to create projects that will propel your business, bringing additionally common satisfaction

Contact us

Meet our team

Team with big ideas and challenges.

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Tomasz Świszcz


Responsible for building reliable cooperation with the customer. Offers Internet technology solutions starting from design discussion through implementation coordination. His motto - "do not reinvent the wheel " if something is available use IT and upgrade IT. Applies best practices for creating new projects that meet requirements.

Mateusz f5f99431798432983ad966ab3c671e5ac61dc7246074397ddecbde32892c6b4a

Mateusz Świszcz

Web Developer

He care about aesthetics, functionality and safety by creating of an clean code page. Thanks to that he knows that what he creates will work perfectly and flawlessly. Programmer, which use among others: Ruby & Ruby on Rails, JavaScript, Sass. Passionate about Internet technology solutions as well as its utilization and supply to network users.

How we work?

We cooperate individually with each customer in order to find and provide the most beneficial solutions.


Together with the client we determine the scope of published information in order to create the most favorable way of presenting his offer on the website and / or web application.

Graphic layout

The proposal of aesthetic and responsive layout, adjusted accordingly to the customer requirements, as well as the business market branch.


We care about clean code that ensures optimal and flawless operation of the service as well as per-optimization of the page to latest browsers and search engines.

Server & Management

Uploading the website / app on the customer or recommended server. Authorial Content Management System with instruction about easy page management.


We are a young and dynamic company creating professional and modern websites and web applications. We care about the high quality of our projects, having in mind the high quality of services provided by our customers.

We are happy to answer any questions you may have and inquiries.

F.U. "CodeBros"

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